Lasik Laser Eye Surgery – Most Trusted & Cost Effective Way to Get Rid of Glasses

Posted on September 29, 2017

When glasses or contact lenses become a trouble in your life, Lasik surgery offers an alternative that can give you clear vision again. The innovative technology treats the most common types of refractive errors that you may know as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Changes in the structure of your eye that alter your vision may relate to age or to coping with the challenges that result from the way that you use your eyes. Lasik surgery offers a highly successful approach to permanently improving your vision without ever having to use glasses or contact lenses again.

Lasik Surgery in Delhi

Understanding the need for Refractive Correction

Your ability to see depends on the way that your eyes bend (refract) light. A refractive error occurs when they do not bend it perfectly, preventing the eye from focusing light correctly. Nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism are common refractive errors that glasses and contact lenses can correct temporarily and surgery improves permanently.

Rays of light can bend when they pass through water or a cornea such as the clear front surface of your eye. An abnormally shaped cornea bends the light imperfectly leading to the refractive error. Anatomical features affect the ability of your eyes to refract light and focus properly.

  • Eye Length: While it may not seem to you that the shape of your eye is too long or too short, either condition can affect your vision. You may have nearsightedness if it is too long or farsightedness if it is too short.
  • Curvature of the Cornea: The lens on the front of your eye needs to maintain an entirely spherical shape to refract a proper image. Refractions from irregular cornea shapes can produce astigmatism.
  • Curvature of the Lens: When the curve of the lens conforms to the shape of your cornea and eye length, there is no refractive error. However, a lens that is too flat causes farsightedness, and a curve that is too steep may produce nearsightedness.

Lasik surgery provides a path to clear vision. You can achieve freedom from glasses, contact lenses and endless prescriptions with a procedure that permanently improves your vision.

Correcting Refractive Errors with Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

You may have used contact lenses or glasses to help you cope with the inconvenience of not seeing well, and perhaps now you are considering Lasik procedure as a superior way to improve your vision.


The medical term for nearsightedness is “myopia”, a condition that allows you to see an object only when it is close to you. The blurry appearance of distant objects makes them difficult to identify. If you have myopic eyes, the long length of your eyeball from front to back or deviations in the shape of your eye structures make your vision inadequate.

The symptoms that you may experience with myopia include the ability to see words on a computer screen or in a book but not a movie or a TV program. The strain of trying to see distant objects can produce eyestrain and headaches. You may wonder why your eyeball is too long, and researchers can only suggest some possible causes.

In some patients, heredity is a factor, and other influences on your eye structure may include your age, ethnicity, gender or even how you use your eyes. Extended periods in the sun may produce an effect, and the time that you spend doing close-up work may affect it as well. The occurrence of myopia among teenagers in India is about 13 percent, and scientists note that the use of 300 million smartphones may have an impact on the statistic.


Farsightedness or hyperopia makes distant objects easier for you to see than those that are close to you. Symptoms may not attract your attention when you are young, but they may eventually create blurry vision when you look at objects that are both near and far away.

Some indications that you are farsighted include eyestrain, headaches, squinting and blurry vision when you look at something that is close to you. The purpose of refractive surgery by Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary is to reshape your cornea to improve your vision permanently.

Hyperopia occurs when eyeballs are too short or when the lens or the cornea has an abnormal shape. It can affect children as well as adults, and it may occur as an inherited condition. The frequency of occurrence of hyperopia in India and around the world is less than that for myopia.


A common form or refractive error, astigmatism prevents the eye from focusing light in a particular axis on the retina. It occurs when light bends differently from normal as it goes through the eyeball because of the oval shape of the cornea. Children and adults may experience astigmatism, often without noticing it. Signs of the problem include squinting and eyestrain, blurry vision at any distance, headaches and difficulty in night driving.

The occurrence of astigmatism is so common that you may have some form of it that has existed since birth. It tends to follow hereditary lines, and it may accompany myopia, hyperopia or both types of refractive errors. To understand how the shape of the cornea with astigmatism differs from a normal one that is perfectly round, compare the shape of your rugby ball to that of volleyball.

What is the Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Delhi

As you may expect, the competition for your business creates a broad range of prices for surgery to correct refractive errors. Price is likely a contributing factor but not a determining one when you make purchasing decisions, and choosing a doctor and a hospital may follow a similar path of reasoning.

Any surgical procedure that you elect can occur only after a careful evaluation of your eye and the type of refractive error that presently obscures your vision. At Eye7, Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary and his team of 30 of India’s best eye surgeons’ honour a commitment to take care of you before and after your surgery. Their goal is to make sure that your outcome gives you the clear vision that you desire and deserve.

Refractive surgery and specs removal procedures require Eye7’s skilled physicians to use precision laser systems to reshape the curvature of your cornea. In an examination, the surgeon determines the shape of the transparent, dome-shaped cover on the front of your eye as a first step in ascertaining the procedure that you require. Eye7 surgeons can provide any procedure that you need to obtain the quality vision that you desire. The complexity of your refractive error can affect the cost of your surgery, but you may expect to pay in the range of 85,000 to 1,00,000 rupees both eyes for surgery in Delhi’s best eye hospital to achieve the most positive outcomes.

Choosing the Best Lasik Surgeon in Delhi

Dr. Sanjay ChaudharyAs the founder and director of the Eye7 group of eye hospitals, Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary provides the right guidance for a world class eye hospital. With more than 30 years of experience in ophthalmology and expertise as an outstanding physician, Dr. Chaudhary leads a team of India’s finest eye doctors at Eye7 Hospitals in Delhi. His reputation as a leading refractive eye surgeon places him at the forefront of pioneering efforts in innovative eye care. His expertise in eye surgery has won him widespread recognition and various accolades for outstanding vision correction.

Setting the Pace: His training at the Gimbel Eye Centre in Canada in 1995, the site of the first Canadian Lasik surgery for vision correction, set the standard for the leadership that he continues to provide. He was among Delhi’s first physicians to adopt Lasik as a superior treatment for refractive errors. Expertise in advancing ICL and stitchless cataract surgery techniques has brought prominence to his miraculous skills in addition to his extraordinary achievements in Lasik for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

By conducting a live surgical demonstration on television, he shared his in-depth knowledge with more than 3000 vision specialists around the world. In demand for contributing to national and international books and journals, he has accepted invitations to present live surgeries at medical conferences. His presentations on refractive surgery provide invaluable information at international, regional and national conferences where he served as a faculty chair on some occasions.

Listening to the Doctor’s Advice: From a position of prominence in the field of eye surgery and as the best Lasik surgeon for you, Dr. Chaudhary offers guidance as you make decisions about improving your vision. “Advanced technologies today can provide a complete bladeless experience,” he explains. Our surgical techniques let you experience “almost no pain and a minimum hassle.” As the founder and director of Eye7 Hospitals, he takes pride in ensuring the “safest, most advanced and completely personalised procedures.” We assure our patients of a “short recovery period and good vision post-surgery,” he stated.

Selecting the Best Hospital for Laser Eye Surgery

Your choice of best eye hospital in Delhi for surgery on your eyes is a matter of the utmost importance. The physicians at Eye7 are keenly aware of the essential role that your eyes play as part of a fulfilling life. The team of 40 of India’s highly trained surgeons honours a commitment to providing optimal eyesight for patients through the highest quality of care. Recognized by patients and the medical field for its commitment to eye care, the team has performed more than 100,000 successful procedures at Eye7 centres in Delhi.

Expertise in Advanced Technologies: Eye7 Hospitals provide consultations in a range of specialities that includes specs removal, cornea, glaucoma, oculoplasty, cataract, squint and retina. The hospital’s expertise attracts patients from the United States, Europe, the Gulf States and African nations.

The latest technologies at Eye7 Hospitals make the institution one of few in Delhi to offer Contoura Vision refractive suite for specs removal and the femtosecond laser FS 200 as well as the EX500 laser for bladeless Lasik surgery. The surgeons offer you the highest levels of expertise that provide the confidence and assurance that you deserve. By using the latest international advances in technology and the best-equipped facilities, Eye7 Hospitals can resolve your eye care issues. The entire team of outstanding eye surgeons devotes its practices to providing the quality of vision that enriches your life. When you consider the precious value of your eyesight, it reinforces the importance of obtaining the best available medical care at Eye7 Hospitals.

Attracting Worldwide Clients: The reputation of Eye7 Hospitals for state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, the most experienced specialists and a record of outstanding performance makes the chain a highly respected entity around the world. As the reputation for the quality of technical support and medical expertise in India spreads internationally, the country is achieving recognition as a prominent hub of medical tourism. The same expert level of health care that patients receive in the United States, the United Kingdom and other developed nations exists in India at a considerably lower price.

As a patient who may agree to pay thousands of dollars for sophisticated medical services in a Western country, you can obtain the same procedure with equal precision and safety here in India. Praise for the medical community comes from around the world for the work of local doctors, nurses, scientists and other professionals whose distinguished accomplishments contribute to the growth of the industry in India.

With the benefit of more than 30 years of experience, Eye7 Hospitals offer you, as an international patient, a complete service that welcomes you to India with a pickup at the airport and arrangements for your accommodations and local travel to enhance the comfort of choosing your medical care in India. Our four locations in Delhi offer convenience for your friends or relatives to accompany you on doctor visits while enjoying the charm and cuisine of one of the world’s great cities.

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