Approved Government Panels & Health Insurance Companies

Eye7 Chaudhary Eye Centre: List of Approved Government Panels & Associated Health Insurance Companies

Medical Panels

Medical Insurances

Central Government Healthcare Scheme (CGHS)

The Central Government Healthcare Scheme (CGHS) was launched in 1954. It was introduced with the vision to provide comprehensive medical care to the central government workers and pensioners who are listed under this scheme. It is available for current as well as former employees.

Under the scheme, the registered people can claim beneficiaries and get facilities of the systems of medicine such as Allopathy, Homeopathy, etc.

Over 38.5 lakh beneficiaries are covered by this scheme in 74 states all over India and plan to include more soon.

Protocol for OPD Consultation and Investigations:

CGHS Rates of Cataract Surgery:

Please note: Pan India CGHS beneficiaries can avail the CGHS facilities at our hospital.

Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS)

The Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) was established on 1st April 2003. The scheme runs under the supervision of the Chief of Staff Committee (COSC) through AG and DGDC&W in Army HQ, Delhi.

It aims at providing treatment for Ex-Servicemen pensioners and their dependents. The treatment will be given in any civil or private hospitals which are empaneled with the scheme. It is financed by the Govt. of India.

Today, there are over 427 polyclinics in 28 centers that are designed to provide “out-patient” and “in-patient” care available in the hospitals.

Protocol for OPD Consultation and Investigations:

ECHS Rates of Cataract Surgery:

Haryana Government Health Care Scheme

The Health Department of Haryana is headed by the General Director, Health Services. It is committed to providing the people of Haryana quality health care for physical, mental, and social well-being.

The health government is constantly upgrading its services of human resources, infrastructure, medicines, types of equipment, etc. They are providing the uttermost help needed to all categories of people including babies, infants, children, adults, mothers, couples, and senior citizens. Apart from these categories, they are also catering to the needs of the sick and traumatized victims.

They stay updated and in check with the latest diseases and have a system of planning, record, reports, and evaluations.

Protocol for OPD Consultation and Investigations:

Cataract Surgery is covered up to ₹60,000 + Cost of the approved lens (IOL) for Bladeless Femto Laser Cataract Surgery and LASIK Refractive Surgery is covered up to ₹45,000 as per Haryana Government Panel which can be reimbursed from their respective office.

Northern Railway Divisional Hospital (NRCH)

The Northern Railway Divisional Hospital, Delhi was established in 1936. It is one of the oldest hospitals in Indian railways, headed by the Chief Medical Superintendent/Delhi.

In terms of medical care, the employees are provided with the best and maximum facilities. However, the Divisional Hospital aims to progressively improve the living and working conditions of the Railways beneficiaries. They are committed to providing the best health care to the railway staff and their family. This helps promote a healthy living work atmosphere in the railway sector.

Health care uses the latest and advanced techniques that are cost-effective for the employees.

Protocol for OPD Consultation and Investigations:

Rates of Cataract Surgery:

Delhi Government Employees Health Scheme (DGEHS)

In 1997, the Delhi Government Employees Health Scheme (DGEHS) was introduced to provide medical care and facilities to the Delhi government pensioners, workers, and their dependents.

All the health facilities are run by the Govt. of NCT, Delhi, the autonomous government bodies, local bodies, and other Government bodies ( Patel Chest Institute (DU)), etc are recognized under this scheme. Some private diagnostic/hospitals are also empanelled with this scheme.

Protocol for OPD Consultation and Investigations:

Govt Approved Rates of Cataract Surgeries:

Delhi University Health Scheme (DU)

Delhi University has 77 colleges affiliated with them and has been providing primary health care to its pensioners, employees, and family dependents at all private and public hospitals.

It has a World University Services (W.U.S.) Health Centre located at North Campus and South Campus providing 24*7 health care to its beneficiaries. They have full-time doctors operating from Monday to Friday, but at different times.

Protocol for OPD Consultation and Investigations:

Rates of Cataract Surgery:

Delhi Development Authority (DDA)

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) launched a health scheme intending to provide comprehensive medical health care facilities to Delhi Development Authority (DDA) employees, pensioners, and their family dependents on the basis of the Reimbursement plan.

Recently, DDA issued a biometric card to its employees for getting treatment at any of the empanelled hospitals in the city. It is issued under a scheme called the Swarn Jayanti Arogya Yojana.

Protocol for OPD Consultation and Investigations:

Rates of Cataract Surgery:

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) launched a health scheme intending to provide comprehensive medical facilities to Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) employees and their dependents on the pattern of Central Government Health Scheme – Reimbursement basis.

As drafted by the government, under the CGHS, DTC employees will be entitled to all treatments, including surgery and medical tests at 44 empanelled hospitals.

Protocol for OPD Consultation and Investigations:

Rates of Cataract Surgery:

Airport Authority of India (AAI)

(AAI) is a Public Sector Unit (PSU) that is under the welfare scheme that always endeavors to provide world-class health facilities to employees and their inwards.

Keeping with the continuous endeavor, AAI has tie-ups with various hospitals across the country including Eye7 Hospitals/Chaudhary Eye Centre on the CASHLESS pattern.

The same pattern followed by the other PSUs which has empanelled with us i.e Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), Food Corporation of India (FCI), World Health Organisation (WHO), Indian Council of Agricultural Research ICAR), Krishi Bhawan, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), Pusa Road.

Protocol for OPD Consultation and Investigations:

Rates of Cataract Surgery:

Paramilitary Forces of India

Ayushman CAPF is the government’s health care scheme for the Central Armed Police Forces. It was recently launched on 23rd January 2021 by the Union Home Minister Amit Shah at a function in Assam.

This health insurance will benefit over 50 lakh people. The CAPF personnel from all the 7 forces I.e Assam Rifles, CISF, BSF, CRPF, NSG, ITBP, and SSB, and their dependents can avail these cashless healthcare services. The CAPF or Government-owned facilities may avail the CGHS & PM-JAY empaneled private hospital.

This also means that as a beneficiary, one may avail cashless OPD/ IPD treatment, including diagnostics at CGHS or CAPF empaneled private hospitals.

Protocol for OPD Consultation and Investigations:

Rates of Cataract Surgery: