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Eye Care During the Corona Virus Pandemic

Eyes are the one more entry to the growing list of body parts that may be affected by the corona virus infection. A recent study from China confirms other reports that the virus can invade the conjunctiva. Not only the corona virus can enter the body through eyes but discharge from the infected eye can […]

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How to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Coronavirus

We all know that the Coronavirus is spreading all over the world and the main reason behind its mass spread is that people are not able to safeguard their eyes, nose, mouth and hands. Experts have found out that guarding your body parts, from where the common viruses enter, can significantly reduce the Coronavirus to […]

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Image of a mother and her baby girl

Children’s Eye Diseases and Their Newer Treatments

Sight is one of our most important senses, and as a parent, it can be frightening to think that your child is at risk of suffering vision impairment of any kind. However, we urge parents not to panic needlessly. While it is critical to catch any minimal or potential for vision damage early on, there […]

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LASIK treatment of an eye vs Implantable Collamer Lens

ICL vs LASIK – Which is Best for You?

The ICL is an artificial lens, similar in function to a contact lens and structure to an intraocular lens. The ICL is implanted in front of the eye’s natural lens, in the space behind the iris, so that it is invisible to outside observers and the patient. Unlike LASIK, which is a surface procedure, and […]

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Illustration showing LASIK and IOL

Which is better – LASIK Eye Surgery or Lens Implant?

The options for removal of glasses, collectively called refractive surgeries, available today are many, and each one of them has a proven track record in terms of both, safety and efficacy. The options can broadly be categorized into two classes: LASIK and LASIK like laser vision correction, including Advanced Surface Ablations Intraocular Lenses (IOL) including […]

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Close up of a human eye

What is the Correct Refractive Surgery in Thin Corneas?

When your doctor evaluates your eyes for refractive surgery, an important factor to consider is your corneal thickness. Most doctors will take into account your age, degree of refractive error and the presence of a disease called keratoconus in your eye. He or she will then calculate the corneal thickness that remains after performing LASIK […]

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Close up of an eye with donation written on it

Eye Banks in Delhi – How They Work?

An Eye Bank is an institution which may be a government or a non-government organization that is responsible for collecting and processing eyes (and corneas), donated voluntarily by people upon death. They are also responsible for storing these donated eyes and corneas until use, and for distributing them to trained corneal transplant surgeons. Eye Banks […]

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A patient getting examined using trial frame

Why is a Regular Eye Check-up Important?

Most of us are under the impression that as long as we can see well, we do not need a routine eye check-up. Sometimes, we believe an online test or a visit to the optician to get a pair of glasses is sufficient for our eye health. The reality is entirely different. Most of the […]

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Close up of a woman's eye with cataracts

7 Tips to Prevent Cataract

Cataract is caused by the natural process of ageing, which results in the clouding of the lens of the eye. As this progresses, it results in a progressive visual blur, and often, sensitivity to bright light. Sometimes, the patient may also experience colored halos. Most doctors agree that cataracts are inevitable, but there are interventions […]

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