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Yellow eyes of an elderly due to Jaundice

Yellow Eyes (Jaundice Eyes): Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

When you think of yellow eyes and skin, you might panic at the thought of jaundice. While jaundice can indicate built-up bilirubin (a yellowish substance in your blood) in the liver, it may signal other conditions that require medical attention. Your doctor can check your liver and run additional tests to get you the treatment […]

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Elderly man with eye shingles

Shingles In The Eye: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatments

If you’ve had the chickenpox virus as a child, you could develop shingles later in life. Shingles can appear anywhere on your body and cause complications, including in your eyes. Shingles in eye areas can affect vision, along with the other painful and potentially dangerous symptoms that come with the virus. If you have symptoms […]

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A dilated eye

Eye Dilation: Know Its Importance & Details

When you go to your eye doctor for an eye health exam, they will often dilate your pupils as part of your regular wellness check. Pupil dilation can show your doctor whether you have any problems with your eyes, like glaucoma. If you go to the eye doctor, be sure to request a dilated eye […]

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A pregnant woman suffering headache due to blurred vision

Blurred Vision During Pregnancy: Know Everything About It

You’ve heard of the many side effects of pregnancy—morning sickness, swollen ankles, and more—but some women may experience other, less common issues. You probably do not consider your eyes one of the areas that pregnancy affects, but many women have blurry vision when they are pregnant. Blurry vision does not necessarily mean you should worry. […]

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Contoura Vision vs SMILE vs Blade-less LASIK

Which Laser Specs Removal Surgery Is Best? For most people, wearing contacts and glasses can be very inconvenient, and it can also have a negative impact on their active lifestyles. Many people are opting for a rather permanent solution like Laser vision correction surgeries. Those who have chosen laser eye surgery find themselves weighing the […]

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Woman suffering from headache behind eyes

Headache Behind Right, Left or Both Eyes – Causes & Treatment

Everyone experiences a headache occasionally, but having pain behind your eyes can disrupt your life. If you experience such condition often or every day, that frequency might indicate something more serious. If your headaches have required you to change your routine, be sure to talk to your doctor. Your primary care physician will consider your […]

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Image of Eyebag

Bags Under Eyes – Causes & How to Get Rid of Them

When you look in the mirror and see bags under eyes, you might become alarmed. Your reaction may reach beyond the level of your cosmetic appearance and cause concern about your health. While most bags around your eyes aren’t serious, you should check with your doctor, who can tell you how to take care of […]

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Eye Care During the Corona Virus Pandemic

Eyes are the one more entry to the growing list of body parts that may be affected by the corona virus infection. A recent study from China confirms other reports that the virus can invade the conjunctiva. Not only the corona virus can enter the body through eyes but discharge from the infected eye can […]

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How to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Coronavirus

We all know that the Coronavirus is spreading all over the world and the main reason behind its mass spread is that people are not able to safeguard their eyes, nose, mouth and hands. Experts have found out that guarding your body parts, from where the common viruses enter, can significantly reduce the Coronavirus to […]

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Image of a mother and her baby girl

Children’s Eye Diseases and Their Newer Treatments

Sight is one of our most important senses, and as a parent, it can be frightening to think that your child is at risk of suffering vision impairment of any kind. However, we urge parents not to panic needlessly. While it is critical to catch any minimal or potential for vision damage early on, there […]

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