How to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Coronavirus

We all know that the Coronavirus is spreading all over the world and the main reason behind its mass spread is that people are not able to safeguard their eyes, nose, mouth and hands. Experts have found out that guarding your body parts, from where the common viruses enter, can significantly reduce the Coronavirus to spread between different people.

How Coronavirus can Easily Spread Through Your Eyes

Here are some of the ways through which the Coronavirus and other types of viruses can easily spread through the eyes:

  1. Close Proximity with Infected Person – When a person comes in the close proximity of an infected person and the infected person sneezes or coughs or even talks, the virus might transfer on another person’s body parts. These include the parts on the face as well. In some of the cases, the virus might transfer directly into the eyes and can infect the other person.
  2. Transmission through Hands – If a person gets the virus on their hands, from any source, and then puts those hands into the eyes for rubbing or itching, the virus has a very high chance of transmission into the person’s body through their eyes.
  3. Virus Carrying Clothes – If a person rubs their eyes with a cloth (like a handkerchief) which is carrying the virus, the virus may directly enter into the eyes and infect the person.

How to Avoid the Spread of Coronavirus

Having analyzed the current situation (as of 25th March 2020), following are the best ways to avoid the transmission of Coronavirus:

  1. Consult a Doctor Immediately – If you have any symptoms related to Coronavirus, please get in touch with you as soon as possible.
  2. Avoid Going to Crowded Places – Since Coronavirus is a communicable virus, which means that it spreads from person to person, it is imperative that an infected person isolates himself and stays away from crowded places whatsoever.
  3. Wear a Mask – Wearing a mask can help controlling the Coronavirus since the virus spreads mostly from the nose and mouth of the infected person.
  4. Avoid touching your Eyes, Nose & Mouth – If you think there is a presence of people affected with the virus around you, please avoid touching anything and even if you touch something, please avoid touching your facial parts after that.
  5. Wear protective googles – A latest update uncovers that the viruses also travel through air and can enter human bodies through their nose or eyes. In this case, wear protective glasses to save your eyes.
  6. Washing Hands – Always wash your hands before touching your facial parts to avoid the transmission of the virus.
    1. We hope that you take care of yourself and keep healthy and safe, always!