Blade-less Laser Procedures in Delhi - Latest Technology in LASIK

Blade-less Laser Procedures for Vision Correction

A patient undergoing specs removal process

There are three different types of laser procedures that are blade-less:

Contoura Vision – Beyond LASIK, Beyond SMILE

Contoura Vision is the latest advancement in specs removal by laser vision correction. After completing multicenter clinical trials, and receiving US – FDA approval in United States of America in 2016, the world’s most advanced and safest technology for glasses removal is now available in India. Contoura Vision is a topography-guided laser system, which means that instead of just treating spectacle power this technology can also record and treat imperfections in individual corneas and optical system, resulting in a better focusing surface.

The treatment is also centered on the visual axis of the eye with the help of the fastest tracker in the world, thereby delivering better results compared to LASIK & SMILE. Studies have shown that patients who undergo Contoura treatment for vision correction have a 40% chance of getting vision better than 6/6 (6/6 vision is usually considered the vision of normal individuals). The treatment also results in fewer glares compared to other laser vision correction procedures. On top of this, a complete blade free experience makes Contoura a preferred choice for both patients and doctors across the world.

Advantages of Contoura Vision

FDA – the US approved in 2016

After completing three years of multi-centric clinical trials as T-Cat LASIK study, and receiving FDA approval in Unites States of America in 2016, the world’s most advanced and safest technology for specs removal in now available in India. In Delhi, currently, this technology is only available in AIIMS and Eye7 Chaudhary Eye Centre.

Better Visual Outcomes Compared to Bladeless LASIK & SMILE

Although other vision correction procedures such as the Bladeless LASIK & SMILE offer exceptional results, Contoura Vision takes the treatment to a whole new level.

The difference is similar to a regular suit and a well-fitted custom tailored suit.

40.4 % Chance of Getting Vision better than 6/6

FDA clinical trials have shown that with Contoura Vision, 40.4% of the study group gained one or more lines of BCVA (best corrected visual acuity). It means that 40.4% of the enrolled candidates who have 6/6 vision could now actually read one line more on the visual acuity chart ( 6/6 vision is usually considered the vision of normal individuals). Also, 13.5% gained two lines on the visual acuity chart.

Less Incidence of Night Driving Problems

The study documented a 4.4% decrease in complaints of difficulty in night driving compared to other laser vision correction procedures. It also documented a reduction in complaints of halo’s and glare.

Blade-Less LASIK (Femto LASIK, i LASIK, Intralase LASIK, All Laser LASIK, Z LASIK)

Bladeless LASIK involves the use of two lasers – first is the Femtosecond Laser, which is used to create an ultra-thin flap in cornea and second is Excimer Laser which is used to reshape the cornea to induce correction. The flap is then positioned back which sticks to its place immediately. No blades are used at any time in the whole procedure. Bladeless LASIK was approved by US-FDA in 2001.

Advantages of Bladeless LASIK

  • No fear of blades working on eye
  • Precise cutting resulting in better visual outcomes and faster recovery
  • Ultra-thin and better quality flap – Safer than Blade LASIK
  • More customized treatment for patients
  • Tissue Saving
  • Faster Recovery


SMILE is a variant of the Femto-Second Bladeless LASIK. It is also very commonly known as Relex SMILE. Here only one laser, i.e. the Femto Second Laser is used for vision correction. The laser cuts a slice of corneal tissue which is pulled out through a partial corneal flap to induce vision correction. At present, SMILE is used to correct only certain types of refractive errors.

Comparison of Bladeless LASIK, SMILE and Contoura Vision