Silk Pro: Revolutionary Technology in Laser Refractive Surgery

Silk Pro has positioned itself at the forefront of refractive surgery, particularly in laser-based spectacle removal. 

This cutting-edge procedure merges two pivotal technologies: the Elita Silk femtosecond laser by Johnson & Johnson and the Contoura Vision topography correction, offering a suite of enhancements that elevate vision correction standards.

Elita Silk Femtosecond Laser Technology: Innovations and Advancements

  • Unparalleled Precision and Power: The Elita Silk femtosecond laser, unique to Silk Pro, stands as the fastest and most sophisticated in its class globally. It boasts impressively low energy usage (40–90 nJ per pulse), an exceptionally small spot size (about 1 µm), ultra-short pulse duration (100–200 fs), and a high pulse frequency (10 MHz).
  • Bridgeless Tissue Resection: This technology features an almost invisible gap between laser spots (around 1 µm), enabling continuous tissue cutting with minimal bridges. This reduces manual intervention in surgery and lessens post-operative inflammation, a notable advantage over traditional methods like LASIK, SMILE, and Contoura.
  • Diminished Immune Response: The Elita Silk’s refined laser technique reduces keratocyte activation, thereby lowering the body’s immune response post-surgery. This is key for accelerated healing and quicker visual recovery.
  • Ultra Low Energy Impact: This characteristic crucially lowers the occurrence of diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK), a common post-surgical inflammation, ensuring a more rapid and less complicated recovery.
  • Advanced Flap Creation and Stability: Silk Pro creates a unique multilayered side cut flap. The precision of this laser technology minimizes flap-related issues, leading to superior vision quality and enhanced safety. The smooth dissection plane also strengthens flap adherence, paralleling the safety of flapless procedures like SILK.

Diagnostic and Imaging Breakthroughs

  • Innovative Scanning Techniques: Advanced scanners and microscopy methods have confirmed the smoothness of the stromal bed in SILK Pro, minimizing flap-induced abrasions, thus ensuring superior vision quality.
  • Refined Side Cut Methods: The laser’s ultra-low energy is used for a multilayered side cut, reducing scarring and keratocyte damage, as evidenced by detailed confocal microscopy.

Preservation of Nerve Integrity and Superior Vision Quality

  • Minimized Nerve Impact: Silk Pro’s technique shows minimal impact on nerves, crucial for effective healing.
  • Unmatched Vision Correction: The combination of Elita Silk laser technology with Contoura Vision topography correction results in exceptional depth perception and visual acuity (6/5 supervision), surpassing existing procedures.

Conclusion: Setting a New Gold Standard in Refractive Surgery

Silk Pro represents the pinnacle of LASIK and refractive spectacle removal surgery. It’s a refined, minimally invasive solution that not only enhances procedural safety and efficacy but also redefines vision correction expectations.

Choosing Between SILK and SILK Pro

While both SILK and Silk Pro deliver exceptional results in laser refractive surgery, the choice depends on individual needs. SILK is suited for those with minimal corneal irregularities or higher-order aberrations (HOAs), whereas Silk Pro is ideal for individuals with significant spectacle power, corneal irregularities, or HOAs, offering comprehensive correction capabilities.