Spherical Implantable Collamer Lens

Implantable Collamer Lens is put on fingertip

The Spherical ICL is usually prescribed for young people (age less than 40 years) who have a very high power of glasses, and where the usual LASIK procedures cannot correct the same due to either very high refractive error or thin corneas. The spherical ICL may be used for the correction of moderate to high myopia ranging from –3.0 D to –20.0 D. However, they are most commonly used in powers beyond -8 DS in eyes with normal corneas, or in eyes with lower power very thin corneas.

The spherical ICL offers perfect vision correction to patients who do not require cylindrical correction for their astigmatism, that is, their refractive error is purely spherical.

Benefits of Spherical ICL

  • The vision results of ICL are sharper with a superior quality of vision than after other refractive surgeries.
  • The visual recovery is almost immediate
  • The lens is invisible to both the patient and observers
  • The ICL is free from the frequent problems associated with contact lenses like infections, allergies, and dry eyes
  • Ideal surgical procedure for patients with preexisting ocular surface diseases where the conventional refractive surgeries like LASIK are known to aggravate the preexisting condition.
  • Since the lens is made of a biocompatible, flexible Collamer, which contains an Ultra Violet light protector, the ICL completely prevents harmful UVA and UVB rays from entering the eye.

The ICL is inserted into the eye using a small, almost painless incision, and the surgery usually takes about fifteen minutes. Spherical ICL can be used in patients with thin corneas, large pupils, as well as dry eye, and in refractive errors as high as -20D, all of which are not suitable candidates for LASIK.

Like other refractive surgeries, it is a permanent solution for refractive errors and spectacle free life. In addition to that, the most remarkable part of the procedure is that it is entirely reversible, unlike LASIK. It means that the surgeon can undo the procedure in the future in case of newer, better technology is available, or in case the patient wants to revert to his or her original refractive status for any reason.

Spherical ICLs have revolutionized the outcomes of refractive surgeries in the subset of patients who need it the most, but till now, have had no options but to continue with glasses.

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