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Educational Videos for ICL

​What is ICL?

​How long does it take to implant ICL?

​Benefits of ICL

​Who is a candidate for ICL?

​Can I get both my eyes operated for ICL at the same time?

​Is it possible that my body does not accept the ICL implant?

​Is the correction with ICL permanent?

​​Is the ICL procedure painful?

​​Is the ICL visible
 to others?

​​​What are the risks associated with an ICL procedure?

​What is post operative care after ICL implant?

​What is the biggest fear ICL patients have?

​When can I resume to routine activities after an ICL implant?

​What is the difference between Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) and ICL?

​Where is an ICL placed in eye?

​Will I be able feel ICL once its in place?

​What if my glasses prescription changes after the ICL is implanted?

​Can an ICL be removed from
 my eye?

​Which is better Femto LASIK, Femto SMILE or ICL for specs removal?

​Latest technology in
 ICL : Aquaport