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What is the EVO Viva ICL?

The EVO Viva ICL (EVO Viva) is an innovative implantable lens specifically designed to correct common vision problems such as nearsightedness and presbyopia (age-related loss of near vision).

This advanced lens is crafted from Collamer, a unique, soft material that includes biocompatible collagen, ensuring it works seamlessly with your natural eye.

The EVO Viva ICL is implanted within the eye, enhancing your vision clarity while keeping the eye’s natural lens in place.

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How Does EVO Viva ICL Lens Work?

The EVO Viva ICL is designed to provide a wide range of clear vision through its extended depth of focus (EDOF) technology. This lens offers multiple focal points, enabling it to correct various vision issues such as nearsightedness (myopia) and age-related near vision loss (presbyopia).

The implantation of the EVO Viva Lens is a quick procedure, typically completed in under 30 minutes. During the surgery, the lens is placed behind the iris (the colored part of the eye) and in front of the natural lens, providing an immediate enhancement in vision.

The procedure involves three straightforward steps:

  • The surgeon makes a tiny incision at the edge of the cornea.
  • The EVO Viva lens is carefully folded and inserted through this opening.
  • The surgeon fine-tunes the lens position to ensure perfect placement. The incision naturally closes on its own, eliminating the need for stitches.

The unique benefits of EVO Viva ICLs include:

improved vision

Improved vision at all distances


Harmonizes with your natural eye: additive, removable, upgradable

quick procedure

A quick procedure

uv protection

UV Protection


High patient satisfaction

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    Facts About EVO Viva ICL

    • Non-Destructive Technology: EVO Viva is an additive technology, meaning it does not require the removal of any corneal tissue.
    • Exceptional Vision: EVO Viva offers outstanding vision quality in both daylight and nighttime conditions.
    • UV Protection: The lens also provides protection against harmful UV rays.
    • High Patient Satisfaction: In surveys, 99.4% of patients expressed that they would opt for the ICL procedure again.
    • Reversible: While designed for permanent vision correction, the EVO Viva lens can be removed by a doctor if necessary.
    • Dry Eye Friendly: Clinical studies have demonstrated that EVO Viva does not cause or exacerbate dry eye syndrome.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Am I a Candidate for Vision Correction with EVO Viva?

    The suitability for EVO Viva must be evaluated by a qualified eye specialist. Generally, ideal candidates for EVO Viva meet the following criteria:

    • Age Range: Between 21 and 60 years old.
    • Vision Needs: Experience nearsightedness, with or without the need for reading glasses.
    • Desire for Independence: Wish to reduce their reliance on glasses or contact lenses.
    • Stable Prescription: Have a consistent vision prescription that hasn’t changed for at least one year.
    • Pregnancy and Nursing: Are not currently pregnant or nursing.
    • Health and Medical History: Have no history of previous eye surgery, diabetes, or uncontrolled glaucoma.

    What Range of Refractive Errors Can Be Treated with EVO Viva?

    EVO Viva is capable of correcting or reducing myopia within the range of -0.5 to -18.0 diopters, whether or not presbyopia is present.

    Is the EVO Viva Procedure Painful?

    To ensure your comfort during the EVO Viva procedure, anesthetic eye drops are used. Most patients experience a sensation of pressure, but it is not typically described as painful.

    What Is Recovery Like After the EVO Viva Lens Procedure?

    Patients often notice an immediate improvement in vision following the EVO Viva procedure. Your eye doctor will provide prescribed eye drops for use during the recovery period and will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress.

    Will I Be Able to Feel EVO Viva Once It Is in Place?

    Patients generally do not feel the EVO Viva lens once it is implanted, and it is not visible to others.

    How Much Does EVO Viva Cost?

    The cost of EVO Viva vision correction will be discussed with you by your eye doctor during your consultation.

    What Are the Risks Associated with EVO Viva Vision Correction Surgery?

    As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks and side effects. However, vision correction with EVO Viva is generally considered to be low-risk. The most commonly reported side effects are mild halos and glare, which are experienced by a small percentage of patients. These side effects typically resolve within one to three months without the need for additional intervention.

    How Long Should I Wait to Exercise or Swim After EVO Viva Surgery?

    You can typically return to most daily activities the day following your EVO Viva procedure. Your doctor will provide detailed recovery instructions. Generally, patients can resume strenuous exercise after one week, but it is advisable to avoid swimming and water sports for two weeks.

    Can I Travel by Plane During the EVO Viva Recovery Period?

    While flying is not restricted after EVO Viva surgery, it is advisable to delay any travel plans for at least 5 days. This allows you to attend necessary follow-up appointments and ensures proper recovery.

    Will I Still Need Glasses After EVO Viva Surgery?

    EVO Viva surgery aims to permanently reduce or eliminate nearsightedness and address presbyopia. Many patients find they can do without glasses or contact lenses after the procedure. However, individuals with very high prescriptions might still need corrective lenses in specific situations. Additionally, some patients might still require reading glasses for very small print, such as on clothing labels.

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