Common Eye Problems in India

Close up of a woman's red eye

No matter how much you take care of your eyes, there are times when you are most likely to suffer from at least one common eye problems. While some of these problems cause very little harm to the eyes, few of them may lead to the permanent blindness of the eyes.

At Eye7 Chaudhary Eye Centre, we make sure to identify the issues with the eyes and treat them well within the time so that they do not hamper the proper functioning of the eyes. Our specialists give you valuable advice to get rid of any eye problem and guide you through the whole process so that you are confident at every point and can take the right decisions for yourself and your family.

Below are some of the most common eye diseases that a person may suffer from:

  1. Strain in the Eyes
  2. Tears in the Eyes
  3. Dry Eye
  4. Eye Floaters
  5. Eye Cancer & Tumors
  6. Tired Eyes
  7. Red Eyes
  8. Blurred Vision
  9. Allergic Conjunctivitis
  10. Night Blindness
  11. Lazy Eye
  12. Color Blindness
  13. Yellow Eyes
  14. Shingles In The Eye

Age is an Important Factor

It is essential to note that age plays a significant part in affecting the eyes. The infant eye problems are pretty different from that of growing teens, adults and senior citizens. At every point of life, a person is prone to get an eye disease which, if not treated at the right time, may prove to be very harmful to the vision.

Advantages of a Timely Identification

If the eye problem is identified in time, it can be easily cured. Most of the eye problems can be found in the early stages or when you see their symptoms. They can be quickly taken care of with few precautions or some essential medicines which do not cause any harm to the eyes. However, if these types of disorders are not determined in their early stages, there can be severe repercussions.

Eye7 Chaudhary Eye Centre recommends all its patients to get regular eye checkups done so that the common eye diseases can be identified and cured before they spread.

What to do if the Problem is found?

The first and the foremost step is not to panic. Just stay calm and speak with an eye specialist who will guide you in the right direction. Not all eye diseases require a surgery. Not all eye diseases lead to blindness. An expert is the only person who can answer all your questions regarding a specific type of problem and can provide solutions to it as well. So, relax and stay positive.