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Speak with an Eye Doctor on Video Call

We want you to know that we care for you & that is the reason, for a limited time, we have started Online Consultations via Video Call for all our patients. For more info & booking your slots, please click here.

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A young woman wearing goggles and playing holi

6 Don’ts During Holi To Protect Your Eyes

Holi is perhaps the most vibrant festival of India, with the colors and music and celebration casting a magical aura on everyone, young or old. All the streets come alive with joie de vivre as the whole nation celebrates a bountiful harvest and the advent of spring. Sometimes, however, this revelry can be dampened by […]

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Image of foods for healthy eyes

An Ultimate Guide To Nutrition For Healthy Eyes

A proper diet and nutrition are essential for health and growth, and this also holds true for the eyes. Nutrients and micro-nutrients found in our food are necessary for cellular regeneration, maintaining tissue health, and for fighting against diseases. Regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are crucial for general well-being and protecting against many health […]

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