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An ophthalmologist examining eye of an elderly man

How To Take Care Of Eyes In The Elderly?

For any society, its elderly population is a source of great wisdom and pride. It is also an indication of the success of health programs, supporting the fact that people are living longer than ever before. As far as the eye health of the seniors is concerned, it is vital to encourage healthy lifestyles that […]

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Focus of laser beam on a woman's eye

How To Preserve Your 6 by 6 Vision? A Complete Guide.

Your eyes are not only the windows to your soul but your window to the world. Preserving your eyesight is essential to maintaining your quality of life, and the guidelines for doing so are quite simple, and logical. Most of these things you already know, and you’ve heard your parents and friends, and indeed, doctors […]

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A man staring at a computer screen in the dark

Is Online Eye Testing Worth Your Time & Money?

There are a lot of online eye tests available, which allow you to check your eyes free of cost, sitting in the comfort of your home. As life is becoming increasingly simplified with apps for almost everything we know, making our life more comfortable, people have been lead to believe that an online eye test […]

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Super close up of the tip of a pen

Convergence Exercises To Strengthen Your Eyes

We all spend a lot of time scanning the computer screens or browsing text on paper as an unavoidable part of our life. Prolonged visual strain leads to weakness of eye muscles or convergence weakness and discomfort in eyes. The only remedy is to strengthen your eyes muscles by regular eye exercises. Instructions for Convergence […]

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A female doctor checking eye injury of a male patient

What To Do In Case Of Eye Injuries? Important Tips To Prevent Them

Eye injuries can sometimes cause severe damage, mainly if not managed in time. Eye injuries can be mechanical or chemical. While the former is always expected to be grave, the latter can have grave vision-threatening consequences. It is prudent to see an eye specialist for an extensive eye examination, even for seemingly trivial eye injuries, […]

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A boy closed eyes to prevent Holi colors falling in

5 Immediate Things to do if Holi Colors go into Your Eyes

The festival of Holi is a time of grand celebration and merrymaking all across the country. All the streets of urban and rural India are drenched in a rainbow of colors, and young and old celebrate the festival with as much joy and fervor. Sometimes, this revelry can turn sour, especially in cases of accidents […]

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A young woman wearing goggles and playing holi

6 Don’ts During Holi To Protect Your Eyes

Holi is perhaps the most vibrant festival of India, with the colors and music and celebration casting a magical aura on everyone, young or old. All the streets come alive with joie de vivre as the whole nation celebrates a bountiful harvest and the advent of spring. Sometimes, however, this revelry can be dampened by […]

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Image of foods for healthy eyes

An Ultimate Guide To Nutrition For Healthy Eyes

A proper diet and nutrition are essential for health and growth, and this also holds true for the eyes. Nutrients and micro-nutrients found in our food are necessary for cellular regeneration, maintaining tissue health, and for fighting against diseases. Regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are crucial for general well-being and protecting against many health […]

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