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A patient getting examined using trial frame

Why is a Regular Eye Check-up Important?

Most of us are under the impression that as long as we can see well, we do not need a routine eye check-up. Sometimes, we believe an online test or a visit to the optician to get a pair of glasses is sufficient for our eye health. The reality is entirely different. Most of the […]

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Close up of a woman's eye with cataracts

7 Tips to Prevent Cataract

Cataract is caused by the natural process of ageing, which results in the clouding of the lens of the eye. As this progresses, it results in a progressive visual blur, and often, sensitivity to bright light. Sometimes, the patient may also experience colored halos. Most doctors agree that cataracts are inevitable, but there are interventions […]

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Dr. Chaudhary performing Live phacoemulsification surgery

A Comprehensive Guide for Phacoemulsification Surgery

If your doctor has mentioned that you need phacoemulsification or “phaco”, chances are you have been diagnosed with cataract. Phacoemulsification means emulsification or liquefaction of the natural lens of the eye, and is derived from the Greek word for the lens, “phakos”. It is the latest cataract surgery technique which involves state of the art […]

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Adult with squing in his right eye

Squint Treatment for Adults

Squint or strabismus is a disorder in which the eyes are not aligned in the same direction. It is more commonly seen in children and may be associated with amblyopia or lazy eye, which is discussed at When seen in adults, squint can either be a recently acquired new-onset squint or persisting childhood strabismus. Can […]

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A young woman putting contact lens in her left eye

Top 10 Problems Associated With Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are the perfect solution for those who do not want to wear spectacles and do not want a surgical vision correction also. Contact lenses do not restrict your field of vision (no edge effects due to the spectacle frame) and move with the eye, and significantly reduce distortions. Also unlike glasses, they do […]

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An ophthalmologist examining eye of an elderly man

How To Take Care Of Eyes In The Elderly?

For any society, its elderly population is a source of great wisdom and pride. It is also an indication of the success of health programs, supporting the fact that people are living longer than ever before. As far as the eye health of the seniors is concerned, it is vital to encourage healthy lifestyles that […]

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Focus of laser beam on a woman's eye

How To Preserve Your 6 by 6 Vision? A Complete Guide.

Your eyes are not only the windows to your soul but your window to the world. Preserving your eyesight is essential to maintaining your quality of life, and the guidelines for doing so are quite simple, and logical. Most of these things you already know, and you’ve heard your parents and friends, and indeed, doctors […]

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A man staring at a computer screen in the dark

Is Online Eye Testing Worth Your Time & Money?

There are a lot of online eye tests available, which allow you to check your eyes free of cost, sitting in the comfort of your home. As life is becoming increasingly simplified with apps for almost everything we know, making our life more comfortable, people have been lead to believe that an online eye test […]

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