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Dr. Chaudhary performs live micro phaco surgery

Dr. Chaudhary Performs Live Micro Phaco Surgery Telecasted From Army Research And Referral Hospital To DOS Annual Conference Venue, Delhi 2013

Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary performed live Micro Phaco Surgery at Delhi Ophthalmic Society (DOS) Annual Eye Conference, April 2015. The Live surgery was performed Army Research and Referral Hospital, Delhi and was telecast to Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi, the venue of the conference. The surgery was viewed by over two thousand eye specialists followed by a […]

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Dr. Chaudhary taking a session at DOS conference

Dr. Chaudhary Talks About “Zero Phaco Femto Laser Surgery” , The Latest Leap In Cataract Surgery At All India Ophthalmological Society, Delhi 2015

Dr. Chaudhary spoke on latest techniques in Cataract surgery which involves zero or no use of phaco energy. This surgery utilizes Femto Laser technology which softens the catractous lens such that it can just be sucked out without using mechanical phaco power. This results in better outcomes. The event was attended by over thousand ophthalmologists […]

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