10 Struggles Every Specy Will Relate To

Posted on December 7, 2015

With great ‘power’, comes great responsibility and who better to understand the dilemma than the ones who don specs everyday! In addition to that, specs come with their own set of problems, as if wearing them wasn’t enough. Here’s a look at ten of the most common #SpecyAffairs.

1.) Cooking, sipping hot tea or just getting out of an air-conditioned car, you are rendered temporarily blind by the built up fog.

2.) You can’t recognise yourself without the specs

3.) Your friends will never miss an opportunity to make fun of you.

4.) You need to be extra careful with your specs because losing them means practically losing your vision!

5.) Looking around in the rain becomes a task.

6.) You may have spent an eternity perfecting that liner, but no one will see it under your specs.

7.) When you’re playing cricket or football and the ball comes flying straight for your face.

8.) When you’ve just started wearing specs and people ask you, “Dude, Why do you blink so much?”

9.) You’re embarrassed every time you have to take your specs off for a picture. Your face never looks as weird.

10.) You cannot invest in those trendy shades!

We understand, ‘The Struggle Is Real’ and that is why we have the perfect solution for all your problems. Book an appointment at Eye7 Hospitals and opt for Contoura Vision, the latest and safest technique for specs removal, beyond LASIK and SMILE.

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