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Best Eye Hospitals In Delhi & NCR


Lajpat Nagar
(South Delhi)

34, Lajpat Nagar IV, Ring Road, New Delhi

Phone - (011) 40 40 40 70


(Central Delhi)

4802/24, Bharat Ram Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi

Phone- (011) 40 40 40 70


(West Delhi)

A-1/173, Nazafgarh Road, Metro Pillar No-614, Janakpuri, New Delhi
Phone - (011) 40 40 40 70


(East Delhi)

19, Shipra Vista Plaza, Ahinsa Khand,Indirapuram
(Sunday Open)
Phone - (011) 40 40 40 70




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Russian Ambassador At Eye7 For Blade-Less Femto Laser Cataract Surgery (FLACS)

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation, His Excellency Alexander M. Kadakin, visited Eye7 Lajpat Nagar and underwent Femto-Second Laser Cataract Surgery. His Excelle...

Gambian Ambassador to India visits Eye7 Hospital, Lajpat Nagar

Gambian Ambassador to India visited Eye7 Hospital, Lajpat Nagar for her routine eye check up. In this picture she is seen standing with Dr. Rahil Chaudhary thanking him for the generous hospitality...

Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary performs India’s first live Contoura Vision Surgery for Specs Removal, 2016

Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary was invited at Refractive 360 eye conference organised by L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad where he performed India’s first LIVE Contoura Vision refractive surgery viewed...

Dr Sanjay Chaudhary Performs Live Micro Phaco Cataract Surgery at DOS Winter Conference, 2017

Dr Sanjay Chaudhary was invited to demonstrate live Cataract surgery ay Dos Winter Conference 2017. The surgery was performed at Guru Nanak Eye Centre, New Delhi and the live telecast was done at I...

Best Eye Hospital in Delhi

The Eye 7 group of hospitals has been committed to delivering quality eye care to people in the national capital region of Delhi for over thirty years. The group has expanded to 4 state of the art hospitals in the NCR, ensuring easy access to its team of highly dedicated eye care professionals in Delhi. Each of the eye hospitals in Delhi remains committed to the ideals of the Eye 7 philosophy of providing the best eye care possible, through a team of highly trained and compassionate eye care professionals, using the latest and safest technologies from across the world. As a general measure of experience and dedication to eye care, it is enough to mention that Eye7, the best eye hospital in Delhi, has performed over 200,000 cumulative surgeries, with optimal results.

Eye 7 remains dedicated to providing eye care of global standards, at par with the most advanced eye hospitals in the world, at your doorstep, and at a price point that remains affordable and cost effective.

Best Eye Specialist in Delhi

Eye 7 takes great pride in its team of eye care professionals. Each of the surgeons and paramedical staff is best in class. The team is chosen for its proficiency, qualification as well as compassion and dedication to patient care. This is why the commitment to provide the best possible solution for your visual needs is actually a promise that is always kept.

The doctors of Eye7, some of the best eye specialists in Delhi, are world renowned clinicians and surgeons, carrying with them the best in terms of clinical experience, continued medical education and training in the latest technologies. Each discipline of ophthalmology, be it Cataract, Refractive Surgery, Contoura Vision, Lasik Laser Eye Surgery, ICL, Retina, Glaucoma, Squint, Neuro-ophthalmology or Oculoplasty, the Eye 7 group has the best, dedicated super specialists catering to each visual and aesthetic need of the patients.

For eye health and vision correction, the team of highly experienced and skilled surgeons is partnered by the equally trained ancillary staff, and ably supported by the latest international technology, complying to the highest and best standards of quality, outcomes and safety, not just in Delhi, but at par with anywhere else in the world also.

Dedicated Sub-Specialty Practices

Eye 7 hospitals take pride in their ability to offer even quaternary eye care, with dedicated teams for various sub-specialty practices, including cataract and refractive surgery, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, strabismus, trauma, vitreo-retina, cornea, pediatric ophthalmology, and oculoplasty and reconstructive surgery. The teams are led by very experienced and skilled surgeons, along with trained support staff, both paramedical, and surgical. Each sub specialty is equipped with state of the art international technology, complying with the highest and best standards of quality. An extremely capable team of anesthetists ensures a pain free, easy and safe surgical experience for adults and children alike. Being one of the top eye hospital in Delhi, Eye 7 is well equipped to take care of all the ophthalmic surgical needs of the patient, be it, topical (eye drops), local (injected), monitored anesthesia care (also called cardiac monitoring) or general anesthesia.

A team of dedicated eye specialists in Delhi including optometrists, nurses and OT technicians work in perfect synchrony to make the patient experience delightful, and surely the best.

Latest Technology for Accurate Results

The best in the world technology in terms of vision and eye health are available in the Eye 7 hospitals. Eye7 Hospitals are one of the few institutions in the city of Delhi that provide access to the state of art technologies like the LenSx (Alcon-USA) Bladeless Femtosecond Laser for Cataract Surgery, Contoura Vision refractive suit for specs removal and the Femtosecond Laser FS 200 (Wavelight-Germany) and EX500 laser (Wavelight-Germany) for bladeless LASIK surgery, all under one roof. The facilities offer the best in terms of the equipment and safety standards, as also quality of care at affordable rates. The services are best in class, across specialties, and in terms of advanced diagnostics and surgical equipment alike.

At Eye7 hospitals, you can be rest assured that the best technological advancements and machines in Delhi, and indeed, anywhere else in the world, are available to you. Along with its team of highly trained eye care professionals that partner actively with the highly skilled surgeons, Eye7 actually provides the best eye treatment and care in Delhi to ensure quality eye sight for all, customized to their visual needs.

Accreditation and Panels – NABH, CGHS, MCD, ECHS, DGHS

The Eye 7 group is dedicated to ideals of patient safety and quality outcomes in terms of patient care and experience. The Eye7 Chaudhary Eye Centre has been recognized by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers for all available services.

The Eye 7 group is on the panels of all major concerns including Central Government Health Services (CGHS), MCD, ECHS, and Directorate of Health Services (DGHS). Over 33 corporates are empanelled with the Eye 7 group, providing the best eye care possible in Delhi to these patients at extremely affordable rates. Most insurance companies are all associated with Eye 7 hospitals ensuring a seamless and hassle free experience to patients.

Numerous Options for International Patients

Eye7 hospitals have been the preferred institution for patients from around the world. The chain caters to eye care and vision restoration for patients from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Eye7 hospitals have emerged as the most trusted brand in the eye-care arena because of the twin pillars: the best technological care in the hands of the most experienced surgeons, along with their dedication for providing quality health care with compassion, at affordable rates.

A dedicated team of International Patient Coordinators discuss your visual needs comprehensively, and ensure effective and direct communication with super specialists. A detailed plan on diagnostic/ medical/ surgical procedures along with a quote, and the doctor’s opinion is then put together, in consultation with the patient.

The coordinators are happy to help you with visa invitations, travel & hotel arrangements, language interpreters and any other assistance that you may require to make your eye health experience delightful.

The Eye 7 group of hospitals remains dedicated in providing the best possible eye care to all patients regardless of caste, creed, religion or nationality. And it is this dedication which has made it the best option for eye health and vision restoration in Delhi, and indeed, for patients from all over the world.

Innovations and Dedication to Continued Medical Education

Eye 7 hospitals are committed to spearheading the technological revolution that is making eye surgeries safer and more effective in providing best possible visual outcomes. Eye 7 has continued to ensure that the best technologies in the world are available to you in Delhi itself. The Eye 7 takes great pride in not calling itself the best hospital in Delhi, the Eye 7 group is proud to know that it is comparable to the best eye care hospitals in the world.

As a measure of our continued dedication in bringing the best in the state of the art technologies from around the world, Eye 7 has had the unique distinction of a series of firsts in Delhi, and indeed India, in terms of surgeries for vision correction.

  • First to start LASIK for removal of glasses in North India
  • First Zepto Pulse Cataract Surgery in Delhi
  • First LIVE Bladeless Cataract Surgery in India
  • First LIVE Contoura Vision Surgery for removal of spectacles in India
  • Highest number of ICLs performed, anywhere in India, for four consecutive years: 2014, 2015, 2016 and also 2017.
  • Over 100,000 LASIK surgeries performed
  • Over 200,000 surgeries performed

Eye 7 hospital is the ONLY eye hospital in India to make it to the International LASIK Surgeons Directory.

This has been possible because of our dedication to ensuring access to the best available technology, and continued training of our highly skilled and experienced surgeons, and their passion for continued training and surgical excellence, along with the dedication of our support staff.

Research, Education and Training of Future Eye Care Professionals and Leaders

Eye 7 group of hospitals are extremely proud of their world renowned clinicians who have been invited to lecture at many regional, national, and international forums. Our doctors have travelled across the length and breadth of the country, and indeed, the globe, in their continued commitment to sharing knowledge and clinical experiences. They remain the most coveted faculty internationally because of their cast clinical and surgical experience. With a pooled data of over 200,000 surgeries, their experience is a treasure trove for their colleagues in ophthalmology. The Eye 7 doctors continue to dedicate themselves to further training, and sharing of skills so as to provide optimal and equitable eye care to every single individual.

Your Preferred Partner in Eye Health and Restoring Vision

The Eye 7 group of hospitals is grateful to all its patients and patrons for the trust they have reposed in the hospital and its team of eye care professionals. It is a measure of your faith and trust in our abilities and care that has meant that the group has now grown to four state-of-the-art hospitals in all corners of the National Capital Region of Delhi.

Another measure of your unshakeable faith in Eye7 hospitals is that the hospital has crossed the most incredible landmark: Eye 7 hospitals have performed over 200,000 surgeries till date. Another incredible statistic that has left us deeply indebted to you for your faith in us regarding vision correction and freedom from spectacles: the hospital has performed more than 100,000 LASIK surgeries. Eye 7 hospitals was also awarded by the World ICL Meet for the highest number of ICLs performed, anywhere in the country, for four consecutive years: 2014, 2015, 2016 and also 2017.

It is with great pride and humility that we accepted the award of the Best Eye Hospital in Delhi in 2016, instituted by the Times of India, a remarkable feat that we hope to emulate in the years to come, with your continued support and trust.

Our Patients

More than anything else, we acknowledge the role of our patients and patrons who have continued to trust us completely and have challenged our own expectations from currently available technology, enabling us to deliver state of the art eye care and vision restoration, at affordable costs. Our patients have reposed their immensely valuable trust in us, and have travelled to us from various parts of the country, and even across the globe. We endeavor each day, to rededicate ourselves to the service of eye care and vision restoration. When we were voted the best eye care hospital in Delhi in 2017, it would have been easy to rest on our laurels. Instead, we have accepted the honor with great humility and hope to live up to the award every single day.

At Eye 7 hospitals, it is our endeavor to provide every single individual with the best possible clinical outcomes, best suited to his or her eye health and visual needs. We realize the most critical outcome measures for any clinical service are outcomes, accessibility and affordability. The highly skilled and dedicated Eye 7 team, supported by the latest technology available, is committed to excellence in eye care, making it the best available, for your visual needs.

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